Our Philosophy

We base our teaching philosophy on these two concepts: we believe everyone should know how to swim and that every child should be taught respect for the water and appropriate behaviors for staying safe around the water.

Our educational philosophy is based on sound academic theory.

We establish a positive learning environment by keeping our pool clean and warm and our staff enthusiastic and engaged. Further, we make sure each student has plenty of opportunity to practice their skills during their lesson time by keeping our student-to-instructor ratio down to a maximum of 4 students per class.

The behavior of swimming is a complex combination of motor skills and can only be learned through continuous practice over time. Our lesson plans are designed to direct the student upward through a series of age and skill appropriate levels so that they always feel reinforced as they acquire good swim ability.

The learning and reinforcement of good judgement around the water is accomplished by establishing and following good water safety rules. Our staff teaches AND FOLLOWS good watermanship and water safety awareness at all times on our swim deck and in the water.  Our students are taught water safety behavior and are allowed to witness those behaviors in place every day.