Our Story

The Gypsy Swim School was created in the fall of 2001 by Dave Farrar and Margie Rhodes, two people who truly believe that water makes things better for everyone and that teaching water comfort and a safe respect for the aquatic world to every child gives that child the chance to enjoy a lifetime of wonderful interaction with the 80 percent of our planet that is covered by water.

In January, 2019 the Gypsy Swim School was bought by William Harloff.  Billy’s philosophy surrounding water safety and passion for aquatic activities makes for a perfect fit in continuing the legacy of the Gypsy Swim School.

The lesson program developed by our staff focuses on age-appropriate water skills practice under direct supervision, with written lesson plans and clear behavioral goals established at every level. The staff is committed to making certain each student is kept on a positive and enjoyable learning trajectory during their time in our program.

The goal of our program is to help each student master life-long swim skills, develop good judgement around the water, and appreciate the true value of regular vigorous physical activity in staying healthy in body and mind.