Three Year Olds – Aquatots

Three-year-olds are special. They are old enough to begin learning to swim without having a parent in the water with them. But they are still in the early stages of cognitive and co-ordinative development.

Our program for three-year-olds is designed to meet them at their level of development: to create the trust relationship so crucial to teaching anyone to swim, to engage them in swimming as a fun and rewarding activity, and to introduce them to and help them master the water safety awareness and in-water skills that every child should have. Lessons for children three years old are 30 minutes long.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All 3-year-olds, whether or not they have been toilet-trained, MUST wear I-Play swim diapers.

Aquatot I: Brand new to swim lessons

Aquatot II: No fear of the water, but not real swim technique

Aquatot III: Can float on front/back & swim 20′ unassisted