Jellyfish 4 & 5 years old

Four and five year old children have significantly more coordination than three-year-olds. (And they should. After all, they’re 33% to 66% older!). But they are still in relatively early stages of cognitive and co-ordinate development.

Our program for four and five-year-olds is designed to meet them at their level of development:

  • To create the trust relationship so crucial to teaching anyone to swim
  • To engage them in swimming as a fun and rewarding activity
  • To introduce them to and help them master the water safety awareness and in-water skills that every child should have.
  • Lessons are 30 minutes long

We offer four levels of lessons to four and five-year-olds:

Jellyfish 1

Brand new to swim lessons. May have some fear of participating in lessons.

Jellyfish 2

No fear of participating in swim lessons.  Can float(relaxed body position) on front and back independently, submerge and blow bubbles (with assistance), can kick independently on front and back.

Jellyfish 3

Can independently roll over float, perform deep water bob and move to shallow water, swim face in w/ scooping arms 15 ft, can self rescue.

Jellyfish 4

For swimmers 5 yrs old that have completed Jellyfish 3 but not yet 6 yrs of age. This level must be registered for directly with the swim desk staff.