Novice Classes for 6 to 12 year olds

Everyone needs to learn to swim sometime. Whether a child is 3 years old – or six years old or older, all swimming lessons start with the basics. Children six and older are larger and more physically and mentally mature than their younger counterparts, so they generally learn somewhat quicker. But it is still our goal to to meet them at their level of development: to create the trust relationship so crucial to teaching anyone to swim, to engage them in swimming as a fun and rewarding activity, and to introduce them to and help them master the water safety awareness and in-water skills that every child should have.

We utilize three levels of novice training:

Novice I

Brand new to swim lessons. (30 min lesson)

Novice II

No fear of water, but no real technique. (30 min lesson)

Novice III

Can swim 1/2 length of pool in freestyle/backstroke & tread water. (30 min lesson)


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