Starting lessons with us? Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Yes! Private lessons are a great way to accelerate the learning process.  We offer private lessons 7 days per week. Private lessons are customized to meet your individual goals and your schedule.  Private lessons are also available for students who may have special needs/abilities.  Call the swim desk to speak with someone specifically for private lesson scheduling. 919-255-1931.

Goggles are helpful for students learning to swim once they are comfortable putting their face in the water and submerging under water. We want students to be comfortable with the water on their face before using goggles. Students should be able to put the goggles on/off on their own (with minimal help from instructor). Goggles are not a substitute for water comfort. We do sell goggles at the swim office.

Maybe! We follow Wake County Schools ahead of storms for closing. We will reopen as conditions permit our staff and students to travel to the pool safely. We use facebook, Gypsy Swim School App and email to communicate these closures.

We are a grounded pool. We monitor storms as they pass thru. We do close the pool for 20 minutes at a time when a storm is directly above us and we have thunder/lightning. We let our families know of closures via facebook, Gypsy Swim School App and email.

Yes! All students 4 years of age and younger must wear an iplay, reusable, swim diaper. Fecal contamination is rare, but when it does happen we have to close the pool for at least 24 hours. Please help us keep our teaching environment clean for everyone by complying with this rule.

Yes! We offer one vacation day per quarter, once you’ve met the initial 60 day commitment to lessons. Please let us know before the first of the month you’d like the credit in.

We offer a make up lesson, once per quarter, when you’ve met your initial 60 day commitment, for an unexpected absence. ( school play, flat tire, illness etc.)

We automatically bill for lesson on the first of every month, we bill the card on file.

We have a busy pool! We occasionally offer a free open swim for our swim families. This usually happens a few time per year, watch our newsletter for when we offer this.

We are located at 3651 Bastion Lane, Raleigh NC 27604. Our phone number is: 919-255-1931 Email: GypsySwimSchool@gmail.com

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