“First of all, I want to thank you for the wonderful swim lessons Jakob receives from you. Jessica is the most wonderful teacher. She encourages him in such a good way. He made so much progress as he gradually lost his fear of water over the course of few weeks and he took more challenges like going under water with his head. By now he is very courageous in the water and loves to take adventures like jumping in or to dive in to get a toy. Jessica always makes it fun.

The other teachers Jakob had, Kim and Jon were great, too. I loved that there was consistency in the progress as they had his records and instructions from Jessica, but also each of them individually focused on slightly different things. That gave him a wide range of experience.

Dealing with the back-office was always pleasant, the communication was very clear and very customer friendly all the time and we love the newsletter that Dave is sending out to keep everyone posted.

What I love the most about the swim class: it was about water safety from the very first second. I must admit that I never have thought that there are additional skills you can actually learn besides swimming to be safe around bodies of water. Jessica practiced vigorously everything with him: safe entry, use of a lifejacket, turn around in the water, floating and safely get to and hold on to the brim.

The second thing I really love is, that our son is getting a really profound and thorough basis of swimming technique in his class. His skills are gradually improving, and you can already tell that he will be a great swimmer with a great technique in the future.These excellent basic swim techniques he learns with you will cary him through his whole swimming career. We think of swimming as a great sport that you can safely practice your entire life and I’m very glad you are giving him the foundation for doing so. I just wish I had such great swim lesson when I was a kid, and I’m strongly considering taking some adult classes to improve my swimming technique.

He really loves his class and so do we! Thanks for providing such a wonderful class with such a great teacher for our son.”

Best regards,
Ruza Nohe-Lucic

PS: We made a new friend: Lauryn. Jakob loves to stop by her desk and talk to her. He is excited to become a scuba diver when he is older. She always shares underwater pictures and stories with us and it is such a pleasure talking to her and all the other members of your staff. Congratulations on such a great team of magnificent people.