When should my child start swim lessons?

When is the time right for my child to learn to swim? 

The answer is; depends on the child and the parents’ expectation of what they want their child to learn.  Children who have the opportunity to experience being in the water, to gain water comfort at a young age, do very well in lessons. Learning to be safe in and around water is an essential life skill that can be learned at any age.

When to Start

Children starting swim programs as early as a year old gain the benefit of becoming comfortable in and around water. The lessons are structured around having the parent and the child in the water together, generally as a group, with an instructor.  This is a great opportunity for parents to share and activity with their young child and learn from aquatic professionals how to be safe around water at an early age. These types of parent/child classes focus on water comfort, safe water entry and exits, floating and blowing bubbles.  Building water comfort and confidence at this early age supports faster learning of independent swimming as the child grows.


Preschoolers are naturally curious! Water safety lessons are a must for this age group. Preschool swim programs should be rooted in a “learn through play” philosophy, capturing the child’s imagination and truly introducing water safety and basic swim skills in an engaging and fun atmosphere.  The swim program should also emphasize educating the child on how to be safe in and around all types of water. Children in this age group, generally, acquire basic swim skills quickly once they’ve become comfortable in the water.

School Aged Children

School aged children are experienced in a teaching environment. They are able to take direction and follow along in small groups. Teaching water safety to this age group is important as children this age will typically have the opportunity to engage in water experiences without their own parents, like neighborhood pools, water parks or a friend’s home.  Acquiring water safety skills will help them navigate these experiences safely. Water safety programs should be fun and focused on independent swimming, treading water and survival strokes after water comfort has been attained.

Water safety lessons at Gypsy Swim School begin at 12 months of age in our Parent/Tot program and offer lessons thru to Adult learners. We offer both group and private lessons, lessons for students with special abilities, Summer Swim Camp and a year round Swim Team.



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